Smiley Jen & Two Sleeping Babes Take Over The World

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its been just under a month since the $6m babies landed and now it's time to see them splashed on every blog, website and news outlet across the globe.

So do you want a look at them? Shame on you!!! Sadly I'm not into this crap but there are plenty of others waisting space on it including this little lot below but be warned, it's the same crap photo on them all, smiley Jennifer and two sleeping babies.

Can't believe People paid six mil for this.

Does This Look Like $6 Million Cover To You?

Meet J-Lo’s twins

Look! Photos Of Jennifer Lopez’s Twins! In A Magazine!

First Jennifer Lopez's Baby Pictures on People Magazine!

First Picture so Jennifer Lopez's Twins

Jennifer Lopez Twins , Max and Emme - First Public Photo

Jennifer Lopez Twins Pictures People Magazine March 2008

Jennifer Lopez Twins Debut In This Weeks “People” Magazine

First Look At Jennifer Lopez And The Twins

Jennifer Lopez reveals her twins

Oh yeah, here's the original People exclusive:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: See Jennifer Lopez's Twins!

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