Id Bed Natalie Before Paris

Friday, April 18, 2008

Here's sexy Paris Hilton lookalike Natalie Reid all glammed up on the set of the Wayans Brothers' "Snowflake."

Natalie was beside herself as she was bestowed the superstar treatment on the set. She had her own trailer, a stand-in and even fans asking her for her autograph.

Natalie told a close friend, "The shoot went amazing today; the Wayans Brothers liked me so much: they kept giving me more lines!"

As you can see from her on set pictures, Natalie definitely rains on Paris Hilton's parade in the looks dept - now most of you would have Paris ahead of Nat but that's only because you think she's a dirty slut who'd ride you all day long. Now no one is saying she won't - it's just that your tool might fall off two days later with all the STDs you might catch.

Posted by DarkHat II at 4/18/2008  
Fillup said...

Beautiful ,just F ing Beautiful.

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