Cheryl Looks Damn Sexy In’s New Video

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheryl Tweedy - or is it Cheryl Cole? - the soon to be divorced pop star has popped up in the video for’s new single Heartbreaker.

The video hasn't yet made it online but I do have a clip from a British TV show about Girls Aloud that aired last night showing a few snippets. It is definitely worth watching as Cheryl is looking so sexy.

To be honest I have now watched it several times and I can't take my eyes off her ass. Enjoy it and if anyone finds the full official version drop me an email with the link or file.


Posted by DarkHat II at 3/18/2008  
Anonymous said...

You are so cool, such an incisive and eloquent writer--truly trenchant in your cultural commentary. How can one not admire the work of a pedophile dirtbag like you?

11:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

Cheryl...just another SHANK.

5:26 PM  
DarkHat II said...

Why dont the two of you blow me

8:21 PM  

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