Paris has smart friends

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paris Hilton has proved her friends may be just as stupid as she is. They think prison will be an important part of her life because it will force her to become skinnier.

The friend said: "It's going to make her more famous than ever. In jail, she's going to get enviably skinny, and without any make-up or products her hair and skin will finally be able to breathe, so they'll look amazing, too. Plus she's going to get all that street cred."

I'm not sure what kind of "street cred" Paris will get while she's isolated from the general pop, but I'm sure it's the same kind I got when I won the bad mitten title in my back yard. Sure, it was just between me and my mom. And maybe I threw salt in her eyes at one point, but I still got the trophy.


Posted by Unknown at 5/29/2007  

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