Lindsay is going back to rehab

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is planning on checking into Promises rehab in Malibu after her recent DUI/cocaine crash. This will be her second attempt at rehab this year.

In Touch says: "She finally realizes its the right thing to do, a close friend of the 20-year-old actress tells In Touch exclusively. She is going willingly. Lindsay is due to check into Promises in Malibu this afternoon (LA-time) In Touch has learned. That is the facility that Britney Spears entered after shaving her head. Her decision contrasts starkly from her behavior just last night at Teddys nightclub. Insiders say Lindsay was partying as hard as ever at a 944 Magazine party and kept insisting she didn’t care about the consequences of her arrest when cocaine was discovered in her wrecked Mercedes convertible."

Considering she doesn't have a real choice in the matter, I'm sure she will be back on the blow within 15 minutes of being released. How else is she going to keep her sexy frame? Purging? It could work, but not as much fun.


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