Steve-O Masturbated On Nicole Richie

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jackass star, Steve-O, was on the Howard Stern show yesterday and admitted that he never actually had sex with Nicole Richie, but he did jerk off on her back while she was sleeping.

He said: "She had her back to me and she was dead asleep when I rubbed the first one out. I was, like, trying to wake her up when I was rubbing one out ... and ultimately I squeezed her hard enough the second two times she was totally awake. She never rolled over to face me. I was being so careful not to offend her in anyway because I wanted to be in those tabloid magazines!" When asked if he had a problem with her being too skinny, he said: "I didn't care what she fuckin' ate. I think she looks a lot damn better skinny than fat!"

When historians look back at the great men of our generation, I'm sure Steve-O will be mentioned along with presidents, astronauts, and sexy female detectives. Jerking off on a girl's back while she is sleeping has to be one of the cooler things ever. The only things cooler are New Balance sneakers and masturbating on her face. And ankle socks.


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