Lindsay Lohan Gets Robbed

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lindsay Lohan had her Hermès handbag stolen at London's Heathrow Airport Thursday afternoon. The handbag contained expensive jewelry, her asthma medication, a bunch of cash, her passport and a cashmere sweater. Sources estimate the total of the contents stolen was around 1 million dollars.

Sloane Zelnick made this statement:"She is begging for the return of the items. She doesn't care how she gets them back, she just wants her stuff back."

Besides being an expert jewel thief, I'm also a sexy criminal psychologist, so I know this man isn't going to just give back her stuff. It's really a hard decision - go to jail or keep all the money? Hmm. I'm pretty sure I would rather talk to a Mexican Wal-Mart greeter about quantum mechanics before I gave back stolen property. Maybe.


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