Penelope Cruz Meets Suri Cruise

Friday, August 04, 2006

The public is still waiting for real evidence that Suri Cruz exists, and Tom Cruise's ex-girlfriend, Penelope Cruz, is the last person to meet Suri.

Penelope claims: "I met Suri. She is really beautiful. She is really special. One of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. And I am extremely happy for them. They are really happy and doing great."

Either Penelope Cruz is a horrible liar, or I'm not up to date on how immigrants talk about babies. She "met" Suri? I've never heard anyone claim to have "met" a baby in their life. A baby is like little squirrel or something, and you wouldn't claim to have met a squirrel. You saw one. I hope everyone is paying attention. I'm not saying Suri Cruise is a squirrel, well actually, that's exactly what I'm saying folks. Listen, all I really know is if Penelope is lying she should go back to cleaning up the bathrooms at Mexican restaurants. Oh man, a racial joke. This site is so cutting edge.


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