Kate Beckinsale Saw A Naked Man

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kate Beckinsale admits she gets some strange fan mail, but was shocked when she opened one letter to find a collection of naked pictures. Some fan thought he could seduce Kate by sending her x-rated pictures of himself.

She said: "A guy sent me pictures of himself in the shower. He was wearing nothing but his shower cap. I was shocked."

I'm not a seductive pick up artist, but I can only assume this didn't sweep Kate off her feet. His problem is that he sent them in the mail. I usually walk around bars with pictures of my penis. Instead of offering to buy a girl a drink, I just hand her a picture and hope she likes it. I didn't always get a good response with this technique, but once I took my glitter marker and wrote "The Punisher" on top of the picture, the ladies couldn't resist my allure.


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