Bruce Willis Won't Be Blackmailed

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bruce Willis has filed a lawsuit against one of his childhood friends, claiming the friend is attempting a "shakedown." DiMattia had access to tons of personal family photographs and videos from 2002- mid 2006. After Dimattia's termination, he informed Willis that he had "surreptitiously prepared a book manuscript" which features private information about the star which contains what Willis says are "several falsehoods and lies that could embarrass [him]"

The report basically says DiMattia has: "threatened to unlawfully exploit private family photographs and memorabilia belonging to Mr. Willis, and to sell a manuscript containing lies about Mr. Willis unless he agrees to pay him over $100,000 and buy him a car."

I've never found it easy to blackmail someone with a book of pictures, except when those pictures surfaced of me sucking on my thumb while laying naked on that leopard skin rug. I almost paid, but I didn't. First of all, those pictures were sexy. Second of all, I will never back down in the face of terrorism. The best way to get money out of someone is to kidnap their kid and cut off one toe everyday until you get paid, everyone knows that.


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