Jenna Jameson Is Number One On Dave's Top 8

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It is now official that Jenna Jameson has left her husband for Dave Navarro. Jenna made an announcement today on her myspace blog, but there's more than that. On Jenna's myspace page, she has changed her status from "married" to "single," and on Dave's myspace page, he has moved Jenna to number one on his top 8. Jenna hasn't moved him to number one yet, but I'm sure she will reciprocate the number one ranking very soon.

Anyways, she wrote in her blog: "I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their kind words (the few)...This is a very rough time for Jay and I... We are working through things and remain best friends.I know that its hard for everyone not to say "say it isn't so"... "don't do this"Remember, we are a real couple with real problems... It's hard enough without insensitive ramblings :("

It always makes me feel happy when porn stars like Jenna Jameson take their myspace just as seriously as me. I'm very good friends with Jenna. She accepted my friend request a long time ago, and although she hasn't commented on my pics yet or ever responded to one email, I'm sure she will soon. I've sent her at least 321 pictures of my cock, and she hasn't responded. Maybe painting that bullz eye on the head of my penis wasn't the best idea.

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