David Hasselhoff Wants To Bang Kate Beckinsale

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

David Hasselhoff attempted to seduce Kate Beckinsale at a recent movie premiere, because he wants to date a woman more famous than he is. Word on the street is he failed miserably, like most things he does.

He said:"I'm looking for a woman who's more famous than me. Kate Beckinsale. I whispered in her ear the other day on the red carpet 'I'll give you everything I have'. She just laughed. But, you know, when she met me she seemed very excited."

When you're a respected member of the pick up artist community - much like myself - you can easily seduce women like Kate all the time. Between using axe body spray and giving the ladies my cute little smirk, they just melt at my feet. The call my eyes the "blue tsunami," because they're known to knock over buildings and gain access to restricted areas. Plus, they're blue.


Posted by Unknown at 8/09/2006  

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