Eva Longoria Loves Being Naked

Monday, August 28, 2006

Eva Longoria has admitted that she walks around her house naked to drive her boyfriend Tony Parker wild.

She told OK! Magazine: "If it's a really warm day I like to walk around the house naked and tease Tony. It sometimes drives him a little crazy, but I like to be provocative like that! It makes our relationship much more intense. You develop this tremendous sense of anticipation and longing for the other person. We have a lot of fun learning from each other."

There's nothing better than a hot girl that loves being naked, except for a hot girl who loves having sex with me, but that's another story. I usually spend a lot of time watching romantic comedies that involve quirky guys winning over a beautiful girl's heart. As sexy as that may sound, many girls don't find it attractive, so I don't know how to get hot girls to walk around my house naked for no reason. But if they did, they could really do anything they wanted. Eva could be clubbing baby seals and tossing orphans into the fire place, and as long as she was naked, I'd be fine with it.


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