Paris Probably Hacked Lindsay's Blackberry

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Page Six is saying that Lindsay Lohan's Blackberry has been hacked into, and her reps think Paris Hilton is behind it.

According to Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, someone sent "disgusting and very mean messages that everyone thought were coming from Lindsay. They weren't. We now have her lawyers looking into it. Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar." Hilton's rep is currently denying everything.

Everybody is pretty well aware that Paris Hilton couldn't open a word document to type on, so I doubt she worked alone. When they are saying that "Paris hacked into it," they really mean "Paris found a blind man that was willing to have sex with her and hack into Lindsay's blackberry." Paris has a problem with Lindsay because she"doesn't have as much money as her." But she will soon. Paris is only going to inherit about 20 million or so - depending on how many STD's she gets along the way - but Lindsay will have much more then that when she's done with acting. I hope Paris gets cancer.

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