Madonna Wants To Kiss Lindsay And Jessica

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Sun is reporting that Madonna is holding secret meetings with Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan to do another three-way lesbian kiss. Three years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards she she had a three-way kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, but now she wants to top that. Now Madonna is planning to do a bondage scene with the two sexy stars at this year’s MTV awards, which are held next month.

A source told me: “Madonna’s people contacted Jessica’s representatives a few weeks ago and the talks are progressing well. With both Jessica and Lindsay’s stock rocketing Madonna thinks they would be perfect to perform with. She’s planning something even more sexy than a lesbian kiss. The whispers are all about a bondage- inspired show. Madonna will keep the details hushed up until the night.”

I don't know if there's anything less sexy than two hot celebs having a bondage scene with a 67 year old grandmother. If it was just Lindsay and Jessica dyking it out, I would probably masturbate. Who am I kidding? I'll masturbate anyway, but It won't be as fun. The only thing hotter than Jessica Simpson doing a bondage scene is me getting a blow job from a toothless anteater. Those ladies can suck the paint off of a Buick, baby.

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