Jeremy Piven Loves Weed

Monday, July 10, 2006

Page Six has confirmed that Jeremy Piven tried to smoke weed the day after he attended Lindsay Lohan's 20th birthday party. The Entourage star was wandering the beach in Malibu when several guys offered him what appeared to be a blunt.

According to the witness: "Piven gladly partook but then realized it had tobacco in it. He launched into a tirade about how smoking ages you. He was with people in their 20s telling them he looked younger than them and took off his sunglasses so they could inspect his skin."

People keep trying to make a big deal about this story and how Piven is against smoking tobacco, but at the same time he obviously loves weed. He was fine smoking until he found out it was a regular cigar. I usually wouldn't smoke anything unless I knew exactly what it was, because you could get hooked on crack. Based on studies I've done which involve my penis in the mouth of crack whores, it's hard to moderate crack. The crack whore had false teeth, so I suspect crack rots them, in theory.

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