Luke Wilson Got Banned From The Playboy Mansion

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bumpshack is reporting Luke Wilson, the brother of Owen, was banned from the Playboy Mansion for over a year and a half for trying to sneak one of his buddies into a party.

He explains:“I got DNA-ed from the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. That means “do not admit” - that’s their special word. I tried to get a friend in and I’d shown up and they said ‘Who are you with’ and I’m like I’m with my brother Owen and they’re like We need to see him. I was not allowed to go there for a year and a half. I had to make kind of a tearful phone call to Mary, the woman who kind of runs the operation. I said, Mary what I did was stupid. It was wrong. Hef’s (Hugh Hefner) been so generous to me…I actually did, I think, cry on the telephone!”

This story sounds a little fishy to me, and I don't even use the word "fishy." I remember watching an episode of Entourage a while back, and the show's plot was basically the same thing that really happened to Luke Wilson. I'm not saying Luke is ripping off the show and taking the story as his own, but I've done it before. After I watched the Goonies I told people I was searching for the secret treasure of One Eyed Willy. It was a real tear jerker too, because I found the treasure, but I couldn't keep it. I chose love over the gold, because my current girlfriend thought I should give it to the church. In retrospect, it wasn't the best decision. Mostly because we broke up a week later and I've been eating out of dumpsters ever since.

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