Pamela Anderson And Kid Rock Are Getting Married

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Showbiz news, along with many others, have confirmed that Pamela Anderson is getting married to boyfriend Kid Rock. Anderson and Kid Rock got back together earlier this month in St Tropez, and now are tying the knot. They now plan to wed on a friend's yacht near the exclusive French Rivera town on July 29.

Pamela had this to say on her own website: "Yes, I'm finally getting remarried... it's been a whirlwind... spontaneous but well thought through."

I understand everybody probably read about this last night, but I sort of have to put it up. And I don't know how "well thought out" any life commitment is if you make it in one month. I know they were together long before that, but she should look at the reasons they broke up to begin with. I guess two pieces of white trash will always want to be together, because most guys that want to bang Pamela just go to a strip club or whore house for a night. It's not the kind of girl you want laying in your bed the next day. Not unless you want hepatitis, or your girlfriend catching you.

BTW: I'm sure their wedding pictures will consist of them shooting shotguns into the air and driving away with dirty soup cans hanging off the back of their truck.

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