Lindsay Lohan Is Dirty

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is Lindsay Lohan's photo shoot from this months UK version of GQ. This is probably the hottest photo shoot Lindsay has ever done, and it looks like the article is good. As you know, I only judge "hot photo shoots" by how skanky a girl looks. If it appears that she is going to rape the next man that walks by her, she's my kind of girl, because I'll make sure I'm that guy.

Some of her quotes from the issue are: "Redheads are more passionate and more sexual than other girls." And another is: "I Like my body, and I like my breasts. And no, they're not fake."

Due to my own scientific studies that I conduct in my lab, my current chart shows that Lindsay has had 73 different sets of bikini pictures come out since yesterday, and I'm not posting another one. Not only is this GQ photo shoot hotter than her recent bikini candids, but there is another reason. To be honest, I probably would have posted them yesterday when everyone else did, but I was busy walking dogs at the animal shelter. Then they finally flew in the kidney from Egypt and I had to go perform surgery on the little blind child.

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