Kate Moss Is Getting Paid

Friday, July 07, 2006

Page Six is reporting that Kate Moss's earning power has soared since pictures of her doing cocaine made headlines around the world. Despite the initial failures, which included H&M dropping her from it's ad campaign, she raked in a ton of cash with new deals by signing with Burberry, Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Nikon, Roberto Cavalli and Virgin Mobile.

Page six says: "The catwalk icon, 32, who earned about $7 million a year before the cocaine storm, will make about $18 million this year."

Most countries frown upon the standards and morals we set for the American children. I really don't see where they're getting this from. When a supermodel can go from 7 to 18 million in one year- and the only thing that changed was she got caught doing blow- you know you live in a great country. The lingerie modeling business is similar to Kate's type of modeling. There was a time back in 97 when I only made 7 million a year, but than I got accused of molesting those cute baby seals. The next year, I was the first Victoria's Secret male model ever. Man, I can make those left turns.

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