Carmen Electra Is Moving On Fast

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Carmen Electra and Jamie Foxx seemed to get very close the other night, which is only days after Carmen announced her separation from husband Dave Navarro. The two arrived together at Hollywood hot spot Element to watch a performance by Gnarls Barkley.

The witness says: "Jamie's arm was around Carmen more than once and whispers were exchanged several times. No one saw them kissing, but they left together out the back. It seemed like they were out on a date. "

Girls like Carmen Electra never break up with me, because I don't accept it. The last sexy girlfriend I had never broke up with me, no matter what. I had to dump her. I did catch a guy opening a door for her once, but I took care of that problem. The next night she woke up to me throwing a flaming dead cat on her porch. And her "friend" was hung from town hall for all the town's people to see. Did you see her look at him in the eyes? little slut. bitch.


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