Britney Murphy Is Still White Trash

Friday, July 14, 2006

These new pictures of Brittany Murphy were taken when she was at the premier of the new Edward Burns movie The Groomsmen. At first I was going to say how she looked pretty and her rack is better than ever, but then I remembered she is still white trash at heart. I was almost fooled into taking my pants down too, they were around my ankles and I already had the mayonnaise smushed between my hands.

Just because she is wearing a push up bra, a nice dress, and tons of makeup doesn't mean anything. You can put lip stick on a spitting mule and enter it into a beauty pageant, but at the end of the day everyone knows he's still a mule. Girls like Britney need to realize they are destined to be the girl that tries to get you to play the ring toss at your local carnival.

Posted by Unknown at 7/14/2006  

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