Bredan Fraser Is The Hulk

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

IMDB is reporting that Actors Brendan Fraser is the front-runner to play Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk in the movies sequel. Eric Bana played the hulk in the first movie, but has now stepped down from the role.

According to website the Aussie actor has stepped down as The Hulk medic and now The Mummy star Fraser and Purcell are the favorites to don the white coat and attempt to control their rage."

I never liked the Incredible Hulk, mostly because I'm not into big muscle-bound green men ripping their clothes off. I have had a few supermodels call my penis "the hulk" before, but that was because it's 15 inches in width. Since I'm just as muscular as the hulk, middle school girls pay for my autograph and I let them paint me green when I'm nude. If the price is right.

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