Tom Cruise Wants More Children Than You

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Breaking News has confirmed that Tom Cruise is so excited about being a dad, he is planning to have another nine more children with fiancee Katie Holmes. Tom, who welcomed daughter Suri with Holmes in April, insists he had the best Father's Day ever with the new child, as well as his adopted children Connor and Isabella from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Tom said:"I always wanted to be a father. It was the best Father's Day. So I'm hoping maybe I have 10 children."

We all know Tom is really just trying to get as many Scientologists in the family, and on earth, as possible. But I really don't know who in the right mind would want 10 children, I don't even want one. It seems like every time I get a hooker pregnant, I have more bills to pay. Not only do I have to pay for their street walking clothes, but I have to pay for the kids food and shelter. I can only jump state to state so many times before the pregnancies catch up with me, which is why I'm typing this post from a submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. Oh My God! A giant squid, I have to go.

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