Paris Hilton Is A Rebel

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reports are saying that Paris Hilton ordered her helicopter pilot to make an emergency landing on a German farm, so she could use the toilet. Paris even got her security to stop the family from entering their own bathroom so she could relieve herself in peace.

A source told Britain's More magazine: "She gave the farmer a bit of a shock. Her bouncers even blocked the farm door so the family couldn't go inside their own house while she was using the loo." The farmer said: "She was cold as a fish, and cursed about the weather."

It really doesn't surprise me that Paris would assume it's OK to just take over someone's house and use their bathroom. Sure, I've made my personal helicopter pilot land at whore houses, Disney Land, and even to see Free Willy 2, but that's different. The only people who are put out are the ones I tax in third world countries. I call it the dark tax, and I deserve 93% of all money that third world countries make. Come on, I have a machine gun. They have sticks and berries.

Posted by Unknown at 6/21/2006  
Marge Ingersol said...

what is wrong with that? I know poor famers in German would be thrilled out of their gord if my helicopter landed on their property and I took a dump in their bathroom. And some people might consider Paris even better than me. She made that farmer's day. Damn you critical people!

3:22 AM  

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