Cameron Diaz Is Naked

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Post Chronicle is reporting that Cameron Diaz left sunbathers stunned by going topless in the Caribbean sea.

One onlooker said: "Cameron looked in fantastic shape. She was with a gaggle of girl pals and they spent ages riding the waves. She later whisked off her bikini top but kept on a straw hat to shield her face from the hot rays." Another onlooker added: "The men couldn't believe their luck when Cameron peeled her bikini off."

I really don't understand my luck sometimes. Sure, porn stars beg me to have sex with them on the subway and make all of their fantasies come true, but this is ridiculous. I never see girls like Cameron Diaz naked on beaches. If I'm lucky I might see a fat girl who has a trail of hair halfway down her leg. Something has gotta give, man.

Posted by Unknown at 6/21/2006  

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