Queen Latifah Is Running For Senate

Friday, June 09, 2006

Reports are saying that Queen Latifah wants to run for office. The extremely obese woman announced her plans after visiting the House Of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

She said: "You know, maybe I'll run for Senate, but I still have a few wild years to get out of the way first! I have always felt strongly about empowering women. I'm living proof that, with confidence and by believing in yourself, you can accomplish any goal."

If your goal is winning 7 consecutive pie eating contests, I'd say Latifah is the woman to go to. Aside from eating, I can't think of a successful thing she has done. What? Stupid rap songs? Woman can't rap, don't be silly. Sometimes younger girls truly believe they can do things as well as men, but after a 20 second choke hold and a scissor kick, they quickly decide I am right.

Posted by Unknown at 6/09/2006  
Anonymous said...

Why so hateful? Mommy didn't pay enough attention to you?

7:39 PM  
Serena said...

I don't know how successful she will be in office but making fat jokes about her doesn't make readers want to side with you.

Oh and yes, women can rap.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous said...

am not voting for her...

2:22 AM  
Anonymous said...

The woman has a weight problem. It's just a fact.

12:57 PM  

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