Paris Gives Britney Advice

Friday, June 16, 2006

IMDB is reporting that Paris Hilton insists Britney Spears should try and cooperate with the paparazzi and not antagonize them. The hotel heiress claims she sympathizes with Spears' battle with the media, but that the best way to handle the photographers is to smile and work with them.

She explains: "The paparazzi annoy me, too. I can understand going to a press event or a premiere that's fine, they're there, but when they're waiting outside your home every morning and following you around every single day it's hard. I'd rather them just take pictures at events, not at my house. I think it's better just to smile than when people give the middle finger or are rude to them, because that's what they want you to do. They want to get a bad picture."

Thank God celebrities have the teachings of Master Hilton, 43rd ranked Jedi. Just when you think Paris is dumber than a slug with brain cancer, she drops knowledge like, "they want to get a bad picture." The reason people like Colin Farrell take bad pictures is because they truly don't give a shit, unlike Paris. And Britney can't ever take a good picture, because ugly people don't photograph well, so she should really stop giving her advice. Getting a good picture of Britney is like a photographer trying to get a skinny picture of a sperm whale. Sure, the whale swims well and loves the water, but it's obese and showers irregularly.

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