Tom Cruise Is Number One

Friday, June 16, 2006

Forbes is reporting that Tom Cruise has topped the annual Forbes magazine Celebrity top 100 list. Angelina Jolie is the cover girl for the big release today, but it's Cruise's movie successes and his romance with Katie Holmes that puts him to the top. Cruise has an estimated $67 million fortune.

A Forbes wealth expert says, "He is the only celebrity to ever make the number one spot twice. In a weak year for Hollywood, Tom Cruise is the only film star to make it to the top ten."

The top ten most influential celebrities are as follows: 1. Tom Cruise; 2. The Rolling Stones; 3. Oprah Winfrey; 4. U2; 5. Tiger Woods; 6. Steven Spielberg; 7. Howard Stern; 8. 50 Cent 9. Cast Of The Sopranos; 10. Dan Brown.

I always felt bad when an entire group is lumped in as one person, like the Rolling Stones. The same thing happens in the porn industry, which I'm always upset about. Back when I took part in that 63 person gang bang on Sloppy Susie, they gave the entire 63 of us the award for Jackhammer of the Year, in Popping Cherries Weekly. But I was really the hero, those other guys went after me. Fags.

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