Nicole Kidman May Be A Vampire

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Movie Database is reporting that Nicole Kidman will marry country singer Keith Urban in the dark, to avoid having their picture taken by the paparazzi.

Peter Gibson, of Australia's civil aviation safety authority praises the idea: "Certainly, the cover of darkness would make it difficult if not impossible for the paparazzi to do anything from an airborne position. Miss Kidman is making a very smart move in the circumstances."

There's only one reason I'm posting this story, well maybe two. Why the hell is Joe Nobody from Australia quoted in this article? Does anyone really need a professional aviation opinion about cameras in the dark? If there was ever a woman who decided to throw her life away by marrying me, she would never be allowed to do it in the dark. The only outcome to a self-esteem blow like that would be cutting your face with a rusty nail. And obviously a hatchet to your wife's face.

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