Mel Gibson Hates Britney Spears

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Mel Gibson is moving his family to another part of town, because he is tired of living next door to Britney Spears. He has put his $18 million mansion on the market to get away from the disgusting pop star.

A source tells the Telegraph: "People are always hanging around outside the gates and he is worried his kids might get hurt."

I'm not saying that Mel Gibson is a liar, but I can't believe there's people that don't want kids to get hurt. I'm pretty confident that nobody will ever like or respect Britney Spears again. She is pregnant. Once a girl is pregnant she loses all sexual value, unless you're a Ethiopian with a big stomach and a piece of wood pierced through your lip. Those girls know how to party. Back to the point: If a girl doesn't have sexual value, she isn't good for anything, unless she's a secret hacker than can change your grades on your report card.

Posted by Unknown at 6/13/2006  
that cat said...

Am I the only person who spends a lot of time wondering about Brit and F-Fed's sex life?

2:38 PM  

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