Paris Hilton Lets Sick Children Die

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 is reporting that Paris Hilton has broken a promise she made to help seriously ill children. Hilton pledged to organize a star-studded benefit concert in Los Angeles to raise much-needed funds for the Gold Coast charity Paradise Kids. She claimed it was her top priority after returning to the US from the Gold Coast.

Hilton promised: "I'll get a few friends together. I know the Backstreet Boys will help out for sure and I talked to Blu Cantrell last night. I definitely want to do this." To date, no benefit concert has taken place and efforts by Paradise Kids to contact Hilton have been unsuccessful.

My friends consider me a humble guy, mostly because I donate all my money to orphans and abused baby penguins. It's not just about signing a check either, I really care. When the South African Yellow Tailed Ostrich was almost extinct, who took the last two into his home? Me, I did it. I didn't tell anyone about it, because I truly care. How many ostriches are lucky enough to learn basic mathematics and watch every episode of Entourage.

Posted by Unknown at 6/13/2006  

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