Lindsay Lohan Is Sleeping Around

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Daily Dish is reporting that Lindsay Lohan admits that she can't stay faithful while in a relationship. Lohan insists she's too young and has too many crushes to settle down with just one guy.

She says in an interview to Harper's Bazaar, "I've become like the guy in relationships. Lately I just cannot be in a monogamous relationship. But there are people I want to date."

Back when I was a big time swinger involved in the New York fashion industry, it was just normal to have multiple sex partners. It's really how all of us Models live our lives. We are better than normal people, because they're not as beautiful. And don't ever try to claim "The inside is what really counts." Ugly kids are taught that stuff their entire life, and they get nowhere. It's like telling a guy to respect a woman, and she will have sex with him. You need to neg her a little, or just pull out a big knife. The bigger the knife, the more likely they are to really get into it. If you have to hit them, start off with the back of the knife, noboy wants to bang a girl with multiple stab wounds. Think smart.

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