Christina Aguilera Will Not Get Naked

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reports are saying that Christina Aguilera has decided not to pose nude for a US magazine, because her husband has told her not to. Recently, Christina had been considering a big paying offer to bare her boobs for a photo shoot to prove she has not had a breast enlargement. Christina's husband, Jordan Bratman, has now stopped her from going through with her plans because he doesn't want the world to see her assets.

A source said: "Christina was thinking of doing something radical to end all the speculation but Jordan was horrified when she mentioned she wanted to pose topless."

Christina changes her mind faster than a paraplegic taking the gold medal in a drooling contest. Seriously, one minute Jordan tells her to be a slut, the next minute he tells her to get dressed. What is it man? If I ever marry a sexual object like Christina, I'll be sure she's tied to my bed and calls my penis "the punisher" at least three times a day.

Posted by Unknown at 5/30/2006  
jams o donnell said...
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5:21 AM  
jams o donnell said...

"paraplegic taking the gold medal in a drooling contest"

Do you know what paraplegia is? If you did you would not use such a crass and ignorant expression.

5:23 AM  

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