Jessica Alba Heats Up Vanity Fair

Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is the new Jessica Alba Vanity Fair photo shoot. I figured I would post it since she looks killer hot in these pictures. There really isn't any important news with her, so I am really just delaying until you stop reading this post.

Jessica Alba is one of those girls that can be very hot when she wants to be. She is down with fetish porn and that makes her even hotter. If she tries to play the cute girlfriend stuff, I am always ready to play the cute punch in the stomach game. Jessica Alba needs to remain as the "I want to have sex with her" girl and not the " I want to cuddle with her" girl. Listen, If i want to cuddle with a girl then I will just get a girlfriend. If I want the crazy seductive girl, I should be able to look at Jessica Alba.

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