Madonna is losing it

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That all around psycho bitch Madonna had some strange demands for her interview after the Live Earth Concert.

Interviewers were told“Eye contact must be maintained at all times. Never look down to check notes — all questions must be memorized or the interview will be terminated. "

A source claimed: " We thought her people were just joking. But it soon became apparent that they were deadly serious.”

Interviewers were also given a specific list of questions that they couldn't ask. Obviously it was all the good stuff. Her adoption, marriage and religion. I don't know what else is left. I guess they could ask her favorite color, number, and what time she goes to bed. I once interviewed my gold fish and it was probably more exciting. I was able to ask about Flippy's affair with princess Lilly fins. I didn't hold anything back. It was one hot interview, baby!


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