Britney wants Paris in jail

Thursday, May 31, 2007

According to OK! magazine, Britney Spears is thrilled that Paris Hilton is going to jail now that they’re no longer friends. She has blamed Paris for ruining her reputation before she ended up in rehab.

The source claims: “Britney is relieved to have distanced herself from her ex-party buddy. Rest assured - you won’t see Britney speaking to Paris through the glass petition in the jail on visiting day…” [Britney] “blames Paris for a lot of her image problems that she had before rehab. Britney is happy to be living clean and sober, far away from Paris’ mess. She’s also glad that the attention of making mistakes is now on somebody else.”

Whoa, somebody wants to see Paris in jail? What a shocking revelation. Now Britney can join the millions who have wanted to see Paris locked up for years. I do understand however, every time someone gets sent away to prison it makes me look better. And it keeps the FBI off my tracks. I haven't robbed 37 armored cars because I'm lucky. Or have I?


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