Paris Hilton's phone number is 310-801-0148

Monday, April 23, 2007

Long time hater of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Shanna Moakler has decided to leak some information about her enemies. She attacked them on her myspace page and released this information:

Paris Hilton: 310-801-0148 ( cause we like to pretend we are people we will never be talented enough to be) Lindsey Lohan:

I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I didn't call the number, and I'm also not going to pretend I wasn't shocked when the mail box was full. Good luck trying to figure out what the hell her voicemail says. I kind of sounds like a drowning squirrel, so it has to be her.

Posted by Unknown at 4/23/2007  
Anonymous said...

OHMIGOD!!! that is so weird! i just called that number,and i don't know if this was a joke or sumthing,but I am pissed,cuz sum RETARDED person was like "mah name is puhbah". And I'm like,WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!! WTF is this about!?!? Any way,luv ya,muuahh!see ya lata!

6:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

That is real! I have an iPhone and it shows that the call came from Beverly Hills, California! Now, it can be fake, but when your sherif Joe Arpio's grandson and you have the ability to check for addresses and phone numbers; its real!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous said...


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