Avril Lavigne is wicked out of style

Monday, April 23, 2007

When I consider the fact that Avril Lavigne is becoming a bigger and bigger celebrity every day and that people all over the world actually give a shit about this girl, the only explaination I have is that Avril has a fairy godmother who cast an enchanted spell so that anyone who sees Avril will automatically see her as 1 million times more charismatic than she actually is. This must have been what hapenned back in high school when Maria Papagopolis made it to the cheerleading squad. How could Maria have possibly been a Tartan cheerleader when she has back fat and a moustache and smells like kabob?

Here's a recent picture of Avril pimping out her lousy CD. And, yes, I think those are Vans she's wearing. I know, people. You don't need to say it ... I know.

Posted by Reese at 4/23/2007  

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