Brad is Leo's bitch

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"32 year-old Leonardo DiCaprio is getting highly-coveted meaty roles that aging 43 year-old Brad Pitt would love to have. They both were trying to get the film rights to true-life story 'The Wolf of Wall Street' about financier Bernard Mannes Baruch’s amazing career as a self-made Wall St. baron at the turn of the 20th century. Leo won."

"Back in early January, British paper 'The Guardian' ran a cautionary piece for Brad Pitt, telling him that his career is on the downslide and that he can’t measure up to rising stars like Matt Damon. They say he hasn’t made any good films since Fight Club and Se7en."

Brad, who has publically whined that Leo is getting the "manly" roles that he wishes he had, is clearly no match for the super-hot, super-talented DiCaprio. I don't think Brad has done too badly, considering he's already exceeded all expectations by becoming more than a 7-11 worker who sits in his car during his breaks, listening to Metallica. Not like Leo, who is the kind of guy who would unbutton his shirt and a breeze would come out of nowhere to blow back the shirt and expose his manly pecs. And then a really sexy slow jam would magically start playing from the heavens. That's how hot he is.

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