Nicole Kidman is a Controlling Bitch

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sources are reporting the Nicole Kidman has prohibitted husband Keith Urban from spending time with old friends who she considers to be a "bad influence." "The country singer - who recently completed an alcohol rehabilitation course at the Betty Ford clinic after falling off the wagon - has been forced to sack roadies and cut-off contact from friends ... [Nicole] also refuses to put through phone calls from some of his old friends who want Keith to come out hang out with them on his own."

Considering Keith Urban is only about 5 feet tall, I doubt it takes much alcohol to get him pissed. I hear once that he swallowed a bit of mouthwash and blacked out for 6 hours. I heard that, another time, he sniffed some vanilla and was slurring his words. At the Betty Ford, I hear he walked past a nurse who was wearing perfume and was next found in his room with a lampshade on his head. But, shortness aside, the guy's a country/rock singer for christsake ... pffff.


Posted by Reese at 3/05/2007  

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