Pamela Anderson Has Ethics

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pamela Anderson's sons were "disgusted" when, after leaving a Los Angeles Lakers game with the two boys, she was approached by a fan who asked her to sign a nude photo of herself.

Pamela said: "Someone was trying to shove this naked picture at me and the boys go, 'Mom, they were trying to get you to sign naked pictures.' ... The 39-year-old is not the only 'Baywatch' beauty who has refused to sign nude pictures of herself recently. Carmen Electra - who has posed naked for Playboy magazine - was happily autographing pictures for fans as she left [a Hollywood restaurant] earlier this month but stopped signing when presented with a naked photograph."

Why do people draw these silly lines in the sand? When I have male models to my apartment to do their portraits, they always start by say "only the face!" I tell them a photograph isn't real, it's just a collection of coloured dots on a page. Then I give them a bong and a lighter and a minute to think about it. Before too long they're wearing false eyelashes and a thong and I'm snapping photos and talking about French movies n' shit. Heh heh heh.


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