Madonna Is A Bitch

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Female First is reporting that Madonna is having a difficult time finding a nanny for her newly adopted son. She "has been interviewing candidates since Christmas but cannot find a nanny who will adhere to her strict rules."

A source told Britain's "Mail On Sunday" newspaper: "Madonna doesn't believe in television. Whoever gets the job has also been warned they will be working flat out for the first three months and won't be allowed any visitors."

I'm surprised to hear that not watching tv and not getting visitors are Madonna's only rules. Whenever I hire staff to work in my home, I also ask that they renounce their homeland in an all-night ceremony involving the blood of a mountain lion and a beating with a bag of marbles. I hear Madonna has a butler whose only task is to stand in her closet holding a shoe horn. That's what I heard. Bloody amateur.


Posted by Reese at 1/16/2007  

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