James Blunt Won't Pay His Taxes

Monday, January 29, 2007

British singer/songwriter James Blunt is reportedly moving to Switzerland to avoid paying taxes on the 9.8 million dollars he's made on his debut album, "Back to Bedlam." In honour of the event, Swiss ski resort, Verbier, has named a chairlift after the singer. Verbier's director of tourism insists Blunt is joining esteemed company. He says, "He is the godfather of the new lift. It is an honour. Diana Ross, a popular celebrity in Verbier, has been godmother of a lift since 1998."

I'm not sure how, exactly, James Blunt managed to make 9.8 million dollars off his album, because everyone I know hates the song, "Your Beautiful." AND, as we now know, James Blunt is a tax evader, which I've heard a serious crime. So, it only stands to reason that James Blunt will ride is own ski lift and will spit on his penis then put it on the metal to see if it freezes. He's got a criminal mind, that guy. They do things like that for fun.


Posted by Reese at 1/29/2007  

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