The Barkers Still Hate Each Other

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TMZ is reporting that, "while Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker have recently displayed all the signs of a rekindled relationship," none of it's true.

Despite a recent holiday taken by the separated couple and their children, in a blog posted on Shanna's official MySpace page, she reveals that they're now just friends. "When they first separated, the Barkers took to their individual blogs to attack each other as parents and spouses. Now they're working on keeping the peace for their children's sake."

I don't know what the final wake up call for these two was, but 9 of our 10 scientists agree that, when your kids pull out their hair in patches as they rock themselves to sleep, maybe you're spending too much time fighting with your ex on MySpace. It's just not very mature. All you need to do is take him out of your Top 8 and stop posting glittery kittens on his page to really hit him where it hurts. Or have sex with a black guy. Either/or.


Posted by Reese at 1/16/2007  

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