Scarlett Johansson Does Not Have HIV

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scarlett Johansson is bragging about how she gets tested for HIV twice a year. Scarlett claims she is not promiscuous but has the test because she is a responsible human being.

Scarlett told Allure magazine: "I get tested for HIV twice a year. One has to be socially aware. It's part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It's disgusting when people don't. It's so irresponsible. But contrary to popular belief, I'm not promiscuous."

I've never had a HIV test in my life, mostly because the girls I sleep with tell me they're clean. And I can tell, because they aren't Puerto Rican. Based on my friend who is in some kind of club - or clan as he calls it - only homos and spics can get HIV. His words, not mine. I would have said fags. Oh my god, racial slurs! Man, The Darkhat is so controversial and provocative.


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