Paris Hilton Spams Her Myspace Friends

Monday, October 23, 2006

Paris Hilton’s Myspace friends are extremely pissed because they are getting spammed. They have received emails from Hilton telling them that they’d won an expense-paid trip to meet her.

MSNBC reports: "When the friends clicked on the e-mail, they were taken to another screen, telling them, 'Hurry! Only twenty prizes left.' They were then forwarded to a series of pop-up messages and questionnaires asking them to buy products and requesting them to supply personal information. If the friend refuses to supply the info, the screen freezes. If however, the information is supplied, a message appears, saying, 'Thank you for signing up for our offers, but all the prizes are gone' Your email is now on a spam list and you win nothing!”

To be fair, Hilton's spokesman says someone must have hacked her page, but I can't remember the last time I've been fair, so forget I said that. Was it fair when my street gang, The Hornets, got accused of rigging the town election? Was it fair when the mob forced me to lose the city basketball championship just so they could win some money? Nothing is fair, but I do my best to donate all my money to the homeless people. Or hot girls.


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