Mel Gibson Is Still Drunk

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Regardless of completing rehab after his recent DUI arrest, Mel Gibson was seen getting drunk in Austin, Texas.

A witness said:“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mel Gibson was swigging a Bud with two adoring young women hanging on his every word.” Another source backed this up: “He definitely was drinking Budweiser. I saw him.”

But people in Gibson's camp are claiming he wasn't drinking:“The story’s not true. He wasn’t drinking anything alcoholic."

I'm pretty confident that Mel will drink until the day he dies. He just loves it too much, and it's not worth stopping things you love. When I rescued Melinda from the Enchanted Forest of Darkness, she told me to never stop loving her, even if we both didn't make it. Well, she didn't make it, but I won't forget her advice. The autopsy said she died from a fractured skull, but I know she died of a broken heart.


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