Introducing Jayden James Federline

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've been waiting for this story to break for the last few days, and finally TMZ got to the bottom of it. It was widely reported that the second Spears/Federline baby was named Sutton Pierce, but it is actually named Jayden James. Regardless of people accepting the baby's name as Sutton Pierce for quite some time, Britney and K-fed never said that themselves. And it is still a boy, as you can see in the birth certificate below.

I really don't care what this baby's name is, any bloodline of K-fed should have tomatoes thrown at him in public. When this kid is in grammar school, he's probably going to have jocks urinating on his lunch while girls are refusing to go to the Spring Fling with him. High school will be another story. Crystal Meth and hookers. The life of a king.

The birth certificate...

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