Ashlee Simpson Is Really Smart

Friday, October 13, 2006

Queen of the obvious, Ashlee Simpson, has warned people not to rush into plastic surgery. She recently had rhinoplasty to straighten her witch shaped nose, but insists people should do research before getting it done.

She told Britain’s More magazine: “If people want to get surgery, it’s a personal thing. But it’s not something anyone should rush into. Once it’s done, it’s done. It looked fake and I didn’t like that. The trouble is that it takes a while to go away but now my lips are getting back to how they used to look, thank God.”

Umm, OK. Thanks Ash. I'm pretty sure millions of Americans are grateful that you've dropped this bomb of knowledge on them. Years from now, scholars are going to talk about your epiphany when they bring up E=MC2. I know a retarded guy who let's a lobster grab his nose 7 times a day, and even he knows there's risk in plastic surgery.


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